A new Ultrasonic Hand-tool for mold finishing !
Powerful vibration
Polec-star produces longitudinal vibration of 25000 Hz on finishing tools like ceramic stones, diamond files etc. with amplitude (stroke of vibration) ranging from 10 to 30 micron. Polec-star has been developed based on a new technology of vibration control which keeps the amplitude of vibration from decreasing due to increased load on the tool. Not affected by varied load, consistent and powerful vibration is the unequalled advantage of Polec-star.

Detachable cable unit for Hand-piece
The cord that connects Polec-star hand-piece to oscillator is detachable.
The 1.5m long curly unit makes it easy to handle during operation, makes it convenient to pack after use and makes it simple to replace the cable if damaged

Two selections
PS-2030/L cc Oscillator PS-2030 + Large Hand-piece MH-1036
PS-2030/S cc Oscillator PS-2030 + Small Hand-piece MH-1029

Multiple application
PS-2030 also can be used for wood engraving, cutting and hand welding of film or plastic parts and seam cutting of synthetic cloths.

Hand-piece images

MH-1036 22/36x160L(mm).240g
MH-1029 18/29x150L(mm).130g
Oscillator PS-2030
Frequency 25kHz,
Output power 45 w max
Output adjustment Continuous variable
Power consumption 80 VA
Power source AC single phase 100-120V 50/60Hz,
  200-230 V50/60Hz
Dimension 160W~230D~120H(mm)
Net weight 2.5 kg
  • Output modes: Depending on application, you can select High or Low mode of output power by pushing the button switch marked gModeh. Maximum output power of low mode is 50% of High mode.
  • Output power adjusting : On both modes of high and low, the output power can be adjusted continuously from Min to Max by turning adjusting knob.
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