Ultrasonic vibration of 40000 cycle per second on cutting blade reduces
cutting resistance dramatically and makes it easy to cut various materials such as rubber, thermoplastics, leather, prepregs and other materials hard-to-cut with conventional knife blade. Light pressure on cutting blade and no vibration on operatorfs hand are another advantages of Polec-star PS-4030.

Polec-star PS-4030.
Polec-star PS-4030.

Cutting Brade

Cutting Brade


Oscillator PS-4030
Frequency 40kHz,
Output power 45 w max
Output adjustment Continuous variable
Power consumption 80 VA
Power source AC single phase 100-120V 50/60Hz,
  200-230V 50/60Hz
Dimension 160W~230D~120H(mm)
Net weight 2.5 kg

Hand-piece MH-4029


Net weight:

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