What's ultrasonic Hand-tool?
Ultarasonic Hand-tool image
  • OscillatorccGenerates 25 or 40kHz high frequency from AC 100/200V 50/60Hz
    to activate the transducer installed in hand-piece.
    Hand-piece (Transducer)ccTransmits the high frequency electric energy to
    mechanical vibration of the same frequency of 25 or 40kHz.
    Toolcc.Vibrates longitudinally with 10 to 40 micron at 25 or 40kHz.
    Advantage of Ultrasonic vibration
  • High removal rate.
  • Lighter pressure on tool.
  • No vibration on operatorfs hand.

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Material:Hardend steel (HRc55) @Tool used: Diamond file #200

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